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Project ALERT Videos

These candid interviews and fictional short films provide helpful conversation starters, amplifying Project ALERT lesson plans. Videos can be downloaded individually by clicking the images below, or all of them grouped in a ZIP file. They also are available for download either individually or grouped with other lesson materials, from the Curriculum page. Also see these videos and more at The Project ALERT YouTube Channel. The videos are also available via iTunes Podcast. They can be downloaded and saved locally to an iTunes library on the computer that will be used to teach the program.

Video: Clearing the Air

Video: Saying "No" to Drugs

Video: Let's Talk about Prescription Drugs

Video: Paul's Fix

Video: Pot or Not

Video: Resisting Peer Pressure

Video: Lindsey's Choice

Video: Pot the Party Crasher

Video: Choices - Project ALERT Feature Film

Video: Let's Talk about Marijuana