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The Project ALERT Team

The team supporting Project ALERT at RAND is well-established and capable of continuing to meet the needs of educators and students. Our team is comprised of professionals in the fields of education and clinical psychology, with expertise in areas of substance abuse prevention, adolescent health, program evaluation, research methods, and implementation science.

RAND Advisory Board

The advisory board consists of past and present RAND Corporation researchers with broad ranging expertise.

Project ALERT Contributors

We are grateful to the numerous professionals who have contributed to the Project ALERT program over the past 30 years. The current evidence-based program would not be what it is today if not for the help of many individuals over the life of Project ALERT, including:

  • Allen Interactive online training developers: Madeline Brown, Mike Drebenstedt, and Paul Howe
  • Gary Baseman: Project ALERT poster designer
  • Isabel Burk: Project ALERT trainer
  • Tom Butler: Project ALERT trainer
  • Phyllis Ellickson: Founder of Project ALERT
  • Guy Golumb: Project ALERT trainer
  • Stefanie Howard: Curriculum contributor
  • Christy Inberg: Program Manager, BEST Foundation
  • Praise Iyiewuare: Curriculum contributor
  • Merrilee Liddiard: Character designer
  • Pamela Luna: Senior Project ALERT trainer, curriculum contributor, program advocate, and newsletter contributor
  • Diana Naranjo: Curriculum contributor
  • Bridget Ryan: President and CEO, BEST Foundation
  • Andrea Warren: Newsletter contributor