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Learn How Others Implement Project ALERT

Over the years Project ALERT has been successfully implemented by organizations around the United Staetes. Presented below are selected reports about this past experience that we hope will guide future implementations.
Ft. Worth, TX

District Taps Prevention Specialists Instead of Teachers for Project ALERT

Seattle, WA

Hospital and School District Join Forces for Project ALERT

Utica, NY

Teachers at John F. Kennedy Middle School Engage Students with Poster Contest

Bloomington, IN

Nonprofit Takes an After-School Approach to Project ALERT

Montgomery County, MD and Washington, DC

A Tale of Two Districts: One with Many Resources and One with Few

Long Beach, CA

Sixth Graders Get a Leg Up by Starting Project ALERT a Year Early

Lawrenceville, IL

Juvenile Justice Stakeholders Secure Project ALERT for Small Community

Quincy, IL

Where Teacher Time is Limited, College Students Make Project ALERT Look "Cool"

San Diego, CA

Project ALERT Teams Up With Friday Night Live Mentors

Pitt County, NC

State Incentive Grant and Project ALERT Provide Relief to Hurricane-Stricken County

Help for PE Classes
HELP!  I have a 45-student PE class. What should I do?
Los Angeles, CA

Project ALERT Takes Over in the District Where D.A.R.E Began

Olathe, KS

School Resource Officers Join in Teams Teaching Project ALERT